Betting Online

Most smart bettors will have accounts at multiple sportsbooks as the odds will vary slightly.  You are giving money away by not getting the best odds for your bets. Using sportsbooks with a good reputation and fast/free payouts should be a top priority. There are too many betting sites out there that are shady, but I will share our favorite sportsbooks that we have been using for years and even decades. Not all of these sportsbooks accept players worldwide, so it may take some research and reading our reviews to find the right book for you.

Do the Research

Research is the biggest key to winning more at sports betting. Whether you love to do it or not, or you just like to go with your gut instinct, you should always take some sort of in-depth look at the game that you are about to bet on. There are always additional facts and stats that can help you with the betting angles that may make you want to change your bet or even avoid betting on that game. One of these key facts could include things like injury updates or players who aren’t going to get as many snaps in an NFL game as originally anticipated. These things can change the mindset of a sports bettor in some situations, and often times it can be a good thing. Check the facts first, and THEN make your final decision on the bet!