Top Sports Betting Sites

In the online sports betting world, you’ll find that there are so many different sportsbooks available to you out there that it can be a bit overwhelming and tough to narrow it down to one that will work out the best for you. Fortunately, even though all sports betting sites do look the same, they are NOT all created equal. You’ll find that some sports betting sites are head and shoulders better above the other ones, and there are quite a few ways to be able to find the differences between sports betting sites as well. We are going to explain exactly what to look for in a great sports betting site, but most importantly how you can find a sports betting site that offers you some great perks that will benefit you for going with that site over another one.

Top Betting Sites for 2018

Sportsbook Bonuses

Or “free money” as we like to call it. You always want to find an online sports betting site that gives you some free money to play with them, regardless of how they do it. Some sites choose to give free bonuses just for signing up, while others will match your first deposit bonus up to a specific dollar amount and for a specific percentage as well. So it could be that they will match 20% of your first deposit that you make up to $200 for example. These bonuses are excellent and are great ways to help build your sports betting account without having to do anything at all. Bonuses are offered by a large number of online sports betting sites though, so you need to make sure that you are checking out all of the bonuses that are offered and how they are paid as well to find the best one that is offered. Never turn away free money no matter how it is given to you, and remember that you can also use more than one sports betting site as well if you choose to!

Special Promotions

Some online sports betting sites will offer different promotions at different times of the year as well. So for example when the NFL season is about to begin they could run some special promotions that will give you a chance to win some extra money without having to do much extra work! It could relate to picking winners of games, or simply just betting on the NFL during the first week to get entered into a chance to win some serious cash. No matter what it is or what sport it’s for, you always want to find a site that does different things for the upcoming seasons of a specific sport, and also a site that does something special when the finals of a sport season or something like the World Series or the Super Bowl is set to roll around. Check out the promotions pages on the sports betting site to get this information.

The Extras

Call them “perks” if you want or just call them standard betting options, but things like the option to buy points and both mobile and live betting are things that not every online sports betting site offers, but they are very important to quite a few people. Buying points gives bettors a great chance to move the line in their favor and only have to pay a small price to do so. As far as mobile betting and live betting goes, mobile betting is huge for bettors who are constantly on the go and want to check the lines and odds, or even place a bet through their mobile phone if they aren’t able to be near a computer when the game is getting ready to kick off. Live betting on the other hand is something that is on the rise currently, and not a huge number of sites offer this either. This gives you the option to bet on things happening during a game, so it adds a completely different level of excitement to each sport. All three of these things are great options for sports bettors and are things that you should definitely take into consideration before you choose a sports betting site.

Overall, sports betting sites that offer perks typically find themselves doing better overall, and a lot of them are the more popular ones because they are able to offer you stronger perks. Now, this isn’t ALWAYS true, so make sure to do your research before making any final decisions.