Buying Points

The idea behind buying points in sports betting is one that not all sports betting sites will offer, but if it is offered then it can be a great spot to get an excellent bet in on a game that you just don’t love the line that much. Buying points gives you the option to be able to move a line anywhere from a half of a point and up. The most important thing to note about this though is that if you do decide to buy points then the odds on the bet will move quite a bit. So for example if you are betting on the Chicago Bulls at -5.5, but want to move the line to -5, you’ll find that the odds will move from -110 to -120, so you are losing a bit, bit the move could be a big move in many situations. You can even buy a full point if you want to and take it from -5.5 to -4.5 and it will move the line to -130 from -110. The same thing will obviously stand true when you are betting on an underdog as well, which can definitely make some great betting spots on either side.

One important thing to remember is that when you are buying points in either football or basketball, you can only move the line three points at most. If you are buying off of key numbers like 3, then it will cost you 20% on your bet instead of 10% because the move is so important. So if a team is -3 and you move the line to -2.5 (so a field goal now gets you a win), then you have to pay that premium price for it. When buying points there are quite a few different tips and strategy that you’ll need to keep in mind to make sure that you are profitable when buying points, and that you don’t just end up buying points only to buy points! We are going to take a look at this strategy and give some thoughts behind it all here today.

Only Buy Points When It Makes Sense

This is obviously incredibly important, because you can buy points wherever and whenever you want as long as the sports betting site offers it. With that being said, if there is an NFL line where a team is -9, making the move to -8.5 really doesn’t do much for your side of the bet. Essentially all that you are doing here is losing money on your bet, so you should just stick with your bet at -9, or avoid the bet all together. That’s where it comes to the point where you should either avoid betting on a point spread if you don’t like it, and the move actually won’t benefit you at all, so just be aware of these situations because they do come up quite often!

Sacrificing the Extra Odd Change For Key Line Moves

What this means is that if you are in a situation above where we said that you are moving an NFL betting line from -3 to -2.5 in order to get off of a key number (like 3 of 7 in the NFL), then it’s definitely worth taking the move from -110 to -130 simply because that can definitely be the difference between winning and losing a bet! While you do have to sacrifice in order to get these odds, it’s absolutely worth it, and there’s a reason why you have to pay more for it! Moving a line from -9 to -8.5 won’t matter a very good percent of the time, but numbers that will matter are moving lines from -7 to -6.5, or -3 to -2.5.

Buying points is an EXCELLENT part of sports betting, and it’s one that is often times overlooked. Many people actually won’t go with one sports betting site just because they don’t offer the option to be able to buy points. If you are interested in buying points, definitely make sure that the site that you are about to use offers the option to buy points before you make any final decision. Also, remember to never bet TOO much on a bet no matter what the situation is, and to use standard sports betting money management tips to make sure you don’t burn through money. Always keep a specific amount that you are going to bet even when you are buying points, as this is the best way to manage your sports betting account.