Easiest MLB Bets

What are the most popular MLB bets available?

The bets that you can make on MLB games are going to be a little bit different compared to what you are used to normally at the other sports where you have probably placed bets in the past. One thing that manages to set the MLB betting apart of the other sports is the fact that there are no spread bets available for the games.  Using these simple bets with a good baseball strategy will increase your winnings – guaranteed!

MLB Money Line Bets

This is by far one of the most popular bets that you can make on baseball. The reason why the money lines are so popular is because it’s very simple to understand how this bet works. You will basically need to bet on the outcome of the game. The point spread at this bet has absolutely no effect on the actual outcome of the bet. If the selected team wins, you get to have a winning bet.

MLB Over/Under Bets

These bets are also known as the total bets. Here you will have to place a bet on the total number of runs that are scored by both teams that are participating in a game. In order to win this bet you will have to guess whether the number of runs is going to be either over or under the number which is given out by the online sportsbook. In case the number of runs that you enter proves to be exactly the same as the one that the online sports betting site, the bet is considered to be a push.

MLB Run Line Bets

The run line bets at MLB are a bet which is considered to be similar to a point spread. In order to make things simpler for you to understand how this bet works, we are going to give out an example. In case you find a run line bet at an online sportsbook that is fixed at 1.5 points. The team on which you placed the bet must win the game with at least two runs, in order to have a winning bet.

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