Golf Betting Strategy

Betting on golf has seen a significant increase within the United States in the past several years. Especially during the spring and summer time, there is a big golf event that is going on. Golf is a tough sport, and can be even tougher to bet on. If betting on golf is something you want to do, be sure you understand the game first and foremost. Here are a few types on betting on the game of golf.

  1. Run with the hot golfers – If there is a certain golfer that is red-hot, go with him. Whether it is for the win, or just to place in the top five. Follow him. One of the trends you want to pay attention to is how well a golfer is playing coming into the event. Sure, it can change, and it does often, but it is often an advantage to play the hot golfer.
  2. Know the course – Each course is a little different. Is the course they are playing on advantageous to those that can drive the ball further, or is it a place where the best putters have the advantage. Know the course and know how it plays before you start making your bets on golf.
  3. Check the weather forecast – Weather is a huge factor in the game of golf. Some players do a bettor job adjusting to the elements of weather than others. Be sure to check the weather forecast before you make any bet. Follow how players do in certain types of conditions.
  4. Know the types of golf bets available – Know the different types of bets available. Know that you do not always have to bet on the winner of the event. You can bet on top five finishers, single day winners, etc. Also understand there are a lot of prop bets that are available with each golf event. Be sure to know and understand all the different kinds of bets before starting.
  5. Follow trends of the golfers – Just like the first one on this list. Be sure you know what has gone on with the golfers. Just because a golfer hasn’t been playing the best, does not mean he cannot win. Part of following the trends would know how they have done at that course, etc. Follow the trends of the golfers before betting.
  6. Check up on the players for injuries – Injuries play a big part in the success/failure of each golfer. If a player is not completely healthy, they will have a tough time competing with the best in the world. Check up on injuries before making the bet.
  7. Use good bankroll management – Do not go over board because you like a certain golfer to win an event. That money could quickly be gone. Find a system you like that contains you from over betting. If you do not like a bet, do not put money on it. It’s that simple.
  8. Shop for the best odds – The best way to do this, is to register an account at several sports books. You may find odds at one place, and then the next place it may be a bunch better. Your bankroll will thank you later!
  9. Watch the progress of the golfers – Each day of an event can be a new day for bettors. Just because one guy did not perform very well one day does not mean he cannot bounce back the next day. Follow the progress, and maybe catch those that are ending on a high note and will make a run the following day.
  10. Do not fall for hype of golfers – Just because a golfer is being hyped by national media, does not mean he will win the event. Be careful with the hype surrounding an individual golfer.

Enjoy these tips, and use your knowledge to help you become a better golf bettor. These are not automatic win methods to betting on golf, but they are all methods that have shown to be successful over time. If you have your own golf betting methods use them – but take all these factors into account. Enjoy watching and following golf, and you will enjoy it more if you are able to bring money home!