MLB Betting Strategy

It’s baseball season. Some argue that it is the best part of the year. Baseball is a very long season, which means it’s bet on frequently. Betting on baseball can be very profitable, if you know what you are doing. Many times, the common bettor does NOT know what they are doing and get frustrated with a loss here or there. Here are a few tips to help you bet on Major League Baseball.

  1. Check pitching match-ups before betting – Pitchers make a huge difference in the world of Major League Baseball. Not only should you check pitchers for the head-to-head match-up, but consider totals bet using the starting pitchers as well. Pretty much any online sports book is going to list the starting pitcher along with the team. Follow the hot pitchers and bet against pitchers that have been having trouble. Sure, things can change, but the numbers are with you!
  2. Check the weather before betting – Is it going to be wet and cold? That will give the pitchers an advantage. Some teams may not hit in the cold very well, or the total could be way too high for the conditions. Also, make sure you check out the wind. Is the ball carrying out? Some teams benefit more from the weather conditions than others.
  3. Be sure to look at trends of each team – Has a certain MLB team been red-hot in regards to betting on? Has one team killed the betting public? Sure, not every game will go the way it is supposed to. Use these trends to help you make the best possible bet.
  4. Do not worry too much about home/away team – Baseball is a long season. The worst team in the league could go on the road and beat the best team in baseball three straight. Just because a team is at home, does not make them an automatic win. Sure, some teams are great at home, and that should be noted and taken into account – but be careful with this trend.
  5. Follow the hot hitter(s) – Is a certain player carrying the load offensively lately for a team? Like in basketball, follow the scorer. If a player is dominating, take that into account when you are making your bet for baseball.
  6. Use good bankroll management – Do not bet too much on one game, and lose it all. Remember, it’s baseball, and teams play 162 games. Some people say each team wins 60, losses 60, and the other 42 are up to them. That is sort of true. Keep the season in perspective and limit your jackpot chance bets.
  7. Shop for the best odds – Use several different sports books. You may find a big difference from one book to another. Sign up several places and deposit. Then, do your homework and “shop” around. The additional winning you will get will be much worth it!
  8. Do not over-bet – Like #6, be sure you do not bet too much on one game. You want to be playing for awhile and not go bankrupt due to one game. Betting baseball is a marathon, not a sprint.
  9. Check the lineup(s) daily – Before you make the bet, don’t you want to know who is actually playing. Line-ups are posted several hours before a game, so be sure you check them out. Also, find an ACCURATE source for lineups. Do not just assume that every day the stars will be in the lineup. 162 games is a lot. They also need breaks.
  10. Check the injury reports – Along the same lines as #9. Don’t you want to know if a certain star player is going to play or not. It may make a difference that the closer for a certain team is out for the game with an injury. That may certainly effect your bet. Check it daily before making your bet.

While these certainly are not fool proof, but they are great tips that will help you win money betting on baseball over time. The important aspect part of betting on baseball is enjoy what you are doing, understand the season is long, and be able to maintain the ups and downs that go with betting. Enjoy the game – and play ball!