NBA Sports Betting Strategy

The National Basketball Association is a long season that features some of the top athletes on the hardwood. The season typically begins in early October, and the NBA Finals is in the middle of June. Each team gets 82 games, so it is a long period of betting on games and teams. There are several things you should know when you are about to bet on the NBA. Here are a few:

  1. Pay attention to home/away teams – This is huge because the home crowds in the National Basketball Association play a big role in the game. Teams are often times significantly better at home than on the road. The home underdogs have been shown to be a big money makers for bettors.
  2. Check officials for the game – This should not be a factor, but it is. Different officials call games differently. Some teams can handle it, and some teams cannot. Believe it or not – there are statistic on this. Check the officials ahead of time, and check some of his/her tendencies. This seems like such a silly reasoning, but it honestly is something to watch in the NBA.
  3. Do not ignore the trends – Check the trends for both teams. Is a certain team red hot? Have they been a cover machine the last several games? Is one team having a tough time winning games. How have the teams fared against each other in the past. Be sure to check these. These are readily available to bettors at most local sports books.
  4. Favor the hot team – This goes along with watching the trends. If you are on a hot streak with a certain team – why not ride them. Several people will argue with this opinion, and will state that you don’t want to push them too far. Sure, that team will lose – but that’s when you take discretion before betting them again. Why not ride out the hot team. Heck, they may not even be winning games, but they are covering bets for you.
  5. Shop for the best odds – Do not just settle for one location and take whatever odds they give you and run with them. Sign up and deposit money at different locations, and be sure to shop for the best odds. A half or full point one way or the other may be a huge factor in the end result of you success or lack thereof.
  6. Use good bankroll management – Do not over bet. Find a method that works. Maybe use a tier system of low bets, medium bets and large bets. Set a unit amount to each and stick with them. What gets you in trouble is loving a certain bet and betting too much and then lose. Then, whatever you do – DO NOT chase your bet. Chasing your bet is the quickest way to losing your bankroll and ending your betting career.
  7. Check injury list – The NBA is a grueling season. Players get hurt and have to sit out games. You want to know these things ahead of time, before making your bet. The Knicks without their star player are not nearly as good as when he plays. Check the injury list for both teams before you make your bet.
  8. Bet on superstars – Do not be afraid to bet on the superstar. If the teams are pretty evenly matched, and one team has a superstar and another doesn’t – take the superstar. Now, don’t get too caught up in who the superstars are. The league has an elite few, and those players typically dominate the league.
  9. Do not be afraid to parlay – Use this to your advantage. Not every night. Not even every week. But, if you find several games to you really feel will come through for you – parlay them. This gives you an opportunity to return a little more winnings, without betting a large amount.
  10. Understand overtime affects the totals – This seems to be misunderstood. If the game goes to overtime, the total bet is still on. If you bet the under, and the game goes to overtime – chances are your totals bet is going to get beat. In the same sentence, make sure you understand that quantity of overtime games in a NBA season and take that into account.

These are a few tips to betting on the National Basketball Association. You may have a few of your own, and they may be successful. These are ones that have been successful over time. When it comes down to it, be sure you do your homework, and you are not betting blindly. If you want to win money, you are going to have to work hard. Remember – it’s a long season, and you do not become rich or poor in one night of games on the court.

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