NCAA Basketball Betting Strategy

March Madness is single handily one of the most wagered upon events in the world. While March Madness makes it’s impact on the sports betting world, all of college basketball has become a big time betting specialty. College Basketball can be fun to bet on, and also can be very frustrating. You need to know what you are doing before you go making bets on college basketball. Here are a few tips to help you bet on college basketball:

  1. Watch for trends before making the bet – Teams play on streaks. When a college basketball team is on a streak, be sure to follow through with the bet. Follow the trends of both teams before you make your bet. Trends are one of the biggest factors in an odds makers decision to place a line on the bet.
  2. Head Coaches are NOT overrated – In college basketball, head coaches play a huge role in the success/failure of the team. Some head coaches can do a great job getting their team ready to play in big games. Do not be afraid to use the “star” coach when betting in a big game.
  3. Check the injury report before betting – You want to make sure some of the top players in the game are going to play. If you are betting on a NCAA hoops team, you want to make sure they have all the players healthy. On the other side, you want to make sure the other team isn’t missing a player or two, or you may want to take advantage of it and make the bet.
  4. Home underdogs can be big winners – Most college basketball teams play much better at home. Bigger crowds. Shorter travel time, etc. Do not be afraid to find a home underdog and go with them. We see all the time in the world of college basketball that home teams come away with the win despite being the lesser of talented teams. Home underdogs have a tendency of pulling upsets during the long college basketball season.
  5. Watch for conference games to bet on – Some times the best games to bet on are conference games. There is no exact science of why this is, teams just know conference opponents better. Find great conference match-ups to bet on, and roll with it!  Become a Big 10, Big East, ACC and mid major conference expert and win money on that conference.
  6. Follow a conference religiously – One good way to cash in on the college basketball season with the sports book is to religiously study a certain conference and bet on those games. Not always the major conferences – but a smaller conference. Know the teams, know their trends, and then make your bet based on the information you know.
  7. Check injury report before making bet – You want to make sure the team you are about to bet on has all their bullets healthy. There is nothing worse than making a big bet on a college basketball team, and then finding out their leading scorer is out with an injury.
  8. Star power can result in winning bets – Sometimes, the best team has the best player on the court. Find the superstars in college basketball, and understand more times than not they are going to lead their team to the win. Now this certainly does not always happen, but be sure you follow the stars in the game, and keep an eye on them and their tendencies in regards to the betting world.
  9. Do not let huge underdogs fool you – Just because a team is nearly 25 points an underdog does not mean it’s an easy bet. Remember, odds makers know what they are doing. If they think that team will lose by 25 or more, there is a reason why. While sometimes, you can find a huge underdog that will cover the spread – do not get carried away seeing that many points available.
  10. Use good bankroll management – Do not over bet. Just because you love a certain game, that does not mean you should bet the farm on them. Find a system that you like and stick with it. Be consistent, and make sure you are judging how well you like the bet before you commit to it.

While these are great tips and strategy to help you bet on college basketball, the most important part is – have fun and enjoy the games. If you do not enjoy college basketball, it may not be a good idea to start betting on it, in an effort to make a bunch of money. It will take time, and effort to win over time but in the end – you can do it. Enjoy the game, and good luck with your college basketball bets!