NCAA Football Betting Strategy

College Football continues to be a growing hobby for many across the United States and around the globe. College Football is a fast paced, and well attended sport. Millions of fans enjoy the game, and get together on Saturday’s to cheer on their favorite teams. Betting on college football is something that can be successful, but you must know what you are doing before you go out and start betting. Here are some tips and strategy to betting on college football:

  1. Understand the significance of home crowds – College Football more than any other sport sees the home crowd play a huge impact on the game. The crowd is not partial by any means. You have thousands of loud, ruckus fans that have one goal in mind – be loud and cheer on the home team. Crowds play a huge favorite in the games. Understand that sometimes, the lesser team will win a game at home in college football.
  2. Bet on head coaches – it works – While this is certainly not a fool proof method of betting on college football, it has been one that is successful over time. College Football more than any other sport is led by the better of head coaches. Sure, some games you will have two masterminds going at it, but when you are making a bet, be sure to understand who the head coaches are and their tendencies in big games.
  3. Watch the weather for game day – As we know, college football is played outside. So, the weather can play a huge factor on the game. Teams that reside in warm weather certainly do not enjoy playing in cold weather. And sometimes vice versa. Be sure to check out the forecast for the game, and the teams trends and how well they fare in weather of that type. It works!
  4. Bet on the quarterbacks – Just like in the National Football League, college football is heavily swayed towards the better quarterback. While running back and receivers come in quite handy in the game, the quarterback runs the show. When a team has an elite quarterback, and another doesn’t – lean towards the star quarterback. If they are a star – they tend to come through more often than not.
  5. Follow trends before placing bet – When betting online, you can see the trends for each team. For example, how the teams have done against the spread their last several games, and how they fare at home or away. Check these, and find common trends before you make your bet.
  6. Shop for the best odds – Do not just settle for one online betting site and stay there when betting on college football. Find a few places you like, and register a username and deposit some money. Different sports books sometimes have different odds. Be sure to shop around and find the best odds available for all the games you want to bet. This will help you in the long run of betting.
  7. Use good bank roll management – For example, do not bet too much because you like a game a lot. Sure, there are going to be games that you feel are sure fire bets. Sometimes those are the games that lose big time. Set limits. Find a system that works for you that finds small bets, medium bets and possibly large bets. Do not steer off that system, and do not overbet.
  8. Do not be afraid to parlay games – When you bet on college football parlays, you place several bets on one, and have a chance to win a larger amount of money, with just one bet. The obvious part of a parlay is ALL your teams in the parlay must win for you to win the bet. Do not over-do parlays, but when you find a chance to do it – use it and take your chance.
  9. Check the injury report. – As in any sport, players get hurt in NCAA football. You do not want to make a bet, and then find out several of the top athletes on the team are out due to an injury. Check the reports early in the week and then again right before you make the bet.
  10.  Understand how totals bet work – These over/under bets can be made at anytime before the game. The number may go up or down, depending on bets made, and the conditions of the weather, and possible injuries. Understand how they work. Know that overtime still sticks with the total. Understand that some teams sit on the ball late in the game and have no need to score. Determine all the factors before making a totals bet.

There are several keys to betting on college football. The most important aspect of betting on college football, along with any sport is to enjoy what you are doing. Understand that sports betting is not just a single day event. If you want to win money, you are going to have to stick through some droughts, and also understand that winning a game does not make you automatically rich. Enjoy betting, and most importantly enjoy the games!