NFL Adds 13 Yards to the Extra Point Attempt

The Spring Meeting of the NFL, which was held from May 18 to May 20 in San Francisco the following week, cadd distance to the extra point attempt. Instead of attempting from the 2 yard line, it will be moved to the 15 yard line.  This makes the current 20 yard kick will now be a 33 yard kick for the 1 extra point.

Extra point gets extended
The Extra point kick will be moved 13 yards back to the 15 yard line..

There were many similar proposals with small variations.  The Patriots have proposed the snapping of the ball from the 15-yard line if the team decides to take one point and chuck the extra one. The kick would then become a 33-yard attempt. If the team decides to take one point, they have to snap the ball from the 2-yard line. The Eagles proposal is similar to that of the Patriots, but the Eagles want the defense to score. They propose that the defense should be given the opportunity to return an interception or a fumble for two points if the offense decides to take two. If this proposal is passed into a rule, teams will be able to snap the ball from one-yard lines, instead of two-yard lines.

The competition committee has made the last proposal, which is similar to the Eagles. The only difference is that the ball can be snapped from the 2-yard line and not the one-yard line if the offense takes two points. The committee’s proposal also allows the defense to score two points. In addition, a team that records a safety will get a point.