NFL Sports Betting Strategy

The National Football League is one of the most commonly bet on sports in all of the world. Each year in the late summer – the football season gets started with a series of pre-season games, and then extends until the late winter – with the most bet on single game in all of sports – the Super Bowl. There are several things you need to know when you get started with National Football League betting:

There are several kinds of bets – odds betting, money line betting and total betting are the most popular forms. Odds betting simply give each team points either for or against, and you will bet on whichever team you feel can “cover the spread”. Money line betting simply allows you to bet on one team or the other to win the game. The point spread does not matter, but the teams that are favored do not pay out as well as those that are the underdog. Lastly, totals betting are also called the “over/under” where you can wager on how many points will be scored by the two teams combined.

A few strategies you should look at when you are betting on the National Football League. Here are some of the favorites:

  1. Check the trends before betting on the game – The trends mean a lot. This tells you how well, or how poor each team is playing. They will also tell you about how well teams are playing at home, and on the road. Do not only follow the trends, but be sure to check these out before making a final wager.
  2. Check the weather during the game – Before the game starts, be sure to check the weather forecast. This makes a huge difference in the game of football. There are certain teams that play better in warmer weather, and teams that are better in the cold. Make sure you check this out before making your final bet.
  3. Check the injury report before the game – This is huge in the National Football League. Injuries play a huge role in the results of games. Be sure to check out who will be playing, and who will NOT be playing before making your wager.
  4. Bet home underdogs – This is not a given, but it’s been shown to be advantageous to bet on teams that are at home, and getting points. The team may not be as good, or have as good of a record, but the home crowd can do wonders.
  5. Do not be afraid to buy points – There are games that are so close to call, that you want a ½ point one way or the other to feel better about the bet. It will cost you some money in your return, but in the end, it could be a great investment. Do not be afraid to buy ½ or a single point.
  6. Shop for the best odds – Do not just go to one sports book and do all your betting there. Signup at a few different places, and shop around. Why settle for a line one place, when you can get better odds at a different location? Shopping for odds can be a great advantage.
  7. Use good bankroll management – Set your betting restrictions ahead of time, and stick with it. Set a limit on low bets, medium bets and high level bets. Stick with this, and do not over bet, just because you feel like you love a bet more than others.
  8. Do not be afraid to bet on the better quarterback – We would be crazy to think the National Football League is not a quarterback league. When you are trying to come up with your bets – do not be afraid to bet on the team with the better quarterback. It’s not a fool proof method, but certainly isn’t a bad idea.
  9. Go with the hot defensive team – Defensive teams can carry a team for several weeks in the NFL. When a team is playing real well defensively, go with them. You can certainly ride a hot streak with a defensive team.

10. Do not be afraid to bet a parlay – A parlay is placing several teams all on one bet. Sure, you can’t bet all the games and expect to win, but if you have a few that you really like – do not be afraid to put them together, and garner a better chance of winning more money.

These are just a few strategies we like to use when we are betting on the National Football League. I am sure you have a few of your own. The key to betting on the National Football League is to remember it is a marathon, and not a sprint. You want to win money over a long period of time – not all at once.

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