NHL Betting Strategy

The National Hockey League is the biggest hockey league in the world. The National Hockey League has continued to develop more and more fans as the season continues along. The game has become very fast pace, with the players becoming bigger, quicker and stronger. Betting on hockey can be difficult, but also have a chance to be very rewarding. Here are a few tips for you to begin betting on hockey:

  1. Find the hot goaltender and run with him – Hockey has come such a defensive game. Goaltenders can carry a team on their back for game after game. Be sure when you are making your bet – you check the recent results of the goaltenders. You can’t win if you do not score!
  2. Expect a low scoring game – Hockey has come a long way, but in the end, games typically have between 5-6 goals scored per game. Understand that. Know that the total for a hockey game is probably going to be listed around 5.5. If you see something listed way above that or way below that, do your homework and check out possible reasons why.
  3. Follow the game of hockey – Do not bet on a game you do not understand. Sure, you may ask a buddy, who watches hockey, but in the end, you will not be the best hockey bettor unless you follow the game. Follow the teams. Follow the players, understand teams and what they are trying to do, and the different head coaches. It will pay off!
  4. Check trends before making your bet – Find out how each NHL team has done in their last several games. Understand that this is not the final straw for a bet, but the numbers do not lie. When a team is bad at home, use that in your advantage when you are making your bet.
  5. Use good bankroll management – Do not over bet. Our best advice is to use a system that you are comfortable with. Set an amount that you will use as a low bet, a medium bet and a large bet. Do not stray off this system. Before making the bet, decide how much you like it, and go with it.
  6. Shop for the best odds – Sign up for an account at several places. Deposit at them, and now you are not handicapped by a certain sports book. You may find a better pay-out for the same game. You will see the results over time if you do this when betting on NHL.
  7. Do not be afraid to parlay when needed – Do not be afraid to place a bet on a parlay bet. A parlay is when you wager just one bet, but you have several teams on one bet. A parlay can help you win a bigger amount of money based on one bet.
  8. Bet the playoffs – The National Hockey League playoffs is one of the most exciting times. If you have followed the league all season, be sure to bet on the playoffs. If you know enough about the teams, you will understand what the best bets are come playoff time.
  9. Understand totals and ramifications at the end of a game – If you have bet the under 5, and the game is 3-2 with just a minute or so to go, you are not safe. Understand this happens, but remember, you can’t always count on it. Teams will pull their goaltender and use an extra skater late in the game. If so, that could spoil your bet. It’s impossible to predict when this will happen, but understand it does happen.
  10. Check the injury report – Like all sports, you want to make sure the best players on both teams are playing. You do not want to make a bet, and then find out that a couple star players are sitting out. Check this early and often!

There are other strategies for betting on the National Hockey League, but these have been a few that have shown to work over a long period of time. Sure, not everyone will garner you a win every night, but certainly trends you may want to follow when betting on hockey. Most importantly, enjoy betting, and keep the final goal in mind – win money over the long haul!