Point Spread Betting

Point spread betting is the most popular and most well-known type of betting option offered out there today, and it’s one that may even get too much attention at times! The point spread of a game can be talked about on many popular TV networks and by any of your friends as well. The idea behind a point spread is that it is the expected number of points that one team is supposed to beat their opponent by. There are quite a few things factored into point spreads, but all in all, the point behind them is to make the odds close to even for the bettors, so instead of just betting on a team to win the game with odds that don’t pay out as well, you are betting on the team to win by a specific number of points with better odds.

While point spread betting is incredibly popular, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few key mistakes that some people make when dealing with this type of betting, and that’s one of the things that we are going to take a look at today. We will also give some tips behind betting on the point spread, and also times that you may be better off betting on the money line! It’s important to note that the point spread is really mainly used in NFL and College Football betting, as well the NBA and College Basketball betting, because the spreads in sports like the MLB and NHL are typically set at -1.5!

Don’t Over Bet on Point Spread

While this goes pretty close to hand in hand with money management, it’s still very important to remember that as excellent as a point spread may look, you still need to make sure that you keep your bet sizing pretty consistent across the board. If you over bet on a point spread bet because you are too confident in it then you could end up taking a tough loss and you never want to end up in the red! The best thing to do is to rank your bets on a scale of three stars to five stars, and bet specific amounts on each of those, just like we covered in the money management section!

Watching Point Spread Moves

Point spreads are the easiest thing to track in sports betting, mainly because you can watch the odds and the lines and see how they are moving, which can be a big part of helping you make decisions on a specific bet. If you are looking for a line to move a bit, you have the option to sit back and watch that point spread throughout the day to see if it moves to the point where you wanted it to be at. This is a key part of sports betting, and a great way to bring in a consistent profit, because point spreads will move around a TON daily, mainly because of things like how the betting action is going, key injuries, or even things like rumors swirling about players POSSIBLY missing the game!

Not ONLY Looking at Point Spreads

There’s a reason why the point spread bet is the most popular bet out there, mainly because it’s the most talked about bet. This doesn’t mean that it should be the only bet that you look at though, because in almost all sports there are a ton of different betting options that you should keep your eye on, as they can be great options. The point spread bet can very often be your best betting option on a specific game, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep your eyes open and look for all of the other options on the board either. Research is key in all types of sports betting, and finding the best betting options on the board is a huge part of the research that you should be doing every day.

Most online sports betting sites will put their point spread bets up nice and early, so if you are looking at a sport like the MLB or NBA with daily games, the lines are normally up late the night before or early that day, and in the NFL the lines are up either on Sunday after that week’s games finish, or on Monday. Check the lines early and often to narrow down the betting options that you like before finalizing any bets!