Prop Betting

In the world of online sports betting, there is probably nothing out there that is nearly as entertaining as a good prop bet. Prop bets are done in multiple different ways through multiple different sports, and they are basically bets that you wouldn’t actually think of, but can be a lot of fun to bet on. Even more importantly, prop bets give you a great chance to make some money because you can find some excellent spots where the prop bets are just excellent betting options! Prop bets can be done on either specific players, or on a specific game as well, and both options will have a ton of props offered in many situations. The games that have the most prop bets offered are the big time games like the NFL’s Super Bowl or the NBA Finals, as these draw a ton of interest from sports bettors and have some of the bigger names in sports as well.

First off though before we get into any type of sports betting strategy on prop bets we need to break down exactly what to expect from the different prop betting options. When it comes to player props, you’ll find that you have the option to bet on things like how many points a player will score, or how many points+rebounds+assists they will be able to tally throughout the game as well. These are set as over/under’s normally, but you can also bet on specific players against each other and how many points they will score, or how many yards they will pass for as well. These are great betting options and some people focus purely on the player prop betting options for big games! The other option are game props, which can include things like single quarter betting lines in the NFL, and also betting options on how many points that one team will win a game by. The odds on this type of bet are obviously a good bit higher because predicting a small range of numbers can be tough.

Let’s get into some strategy behind prop betting, but also explain a bit more in-depth why these are great betting options as well.

Giving Yourself Time to Look

Let’s say that you are looking at betting on the prop bets for the NFL Super Bowl. There are going to be SO many props, that it’s going to take a good amount of time to look through everything, so you have to make sure to give yourself the time to look through them all. Even if it does take a good bit of time, it’s important to know that you have to go through each bet and narrow down the ones that you like the best. From there you need to rank each bet and only bet the ones that you really like the most and set yourself a limit on the amount of money that you want to bet on each prop bet as well.

Bet Sizing for Props

When betting on the different props you need to make sure that you are setting up different betting limits for the different type of prop bets. If you are betting on something that has long odds to hit, then you need to bet smaller on that because you don’t want to consistently bet large amounts on the bets that aren’t going to hit nearly as often as a standard bet would. On the other side of things, if you are betting on something with even money odds or something around -110 or -120, you should have a standard bet sizing that you are used to using, which should be based off of the size of your bankroll. With all of the prop betting options offered out there it can be tough to not get overwhelmed, but don’t bet TOO many prop bets either!

Prop bets are a lot of fun, so the next time that you are looking to bet on a game, whether it is a big time game or not, be sure to take a look and see what types of prop bets are offered. Often times the prop bets are even better betting options than things like the point spread or money line bet as well, so don’t overlook this when placing your bets!