Soccer Betting Strategy

Growing in popularity within the United States is the game of soccer. What is growing even faster is betting on the game of soccer. While soccer is not one of the power sports in this country, it certainly has grown in sports books. Most sports books will provide betting options for soccer games all over the world. You need to understand what you are doing before you start betting on the game of soccer. Listed below, we have a few tips to help you become a better gambler of soccer.

  1. Understand what league you are betting on – There are several different leagues around the world in the game of soccer. Understand first, what league you are betting on. Each league has a little different style of play, and that will be important when you go to make a bet on the game.
  2. Follow trends for the two teams – When you see the two teams that are matched up against each other, take their recent trends and use that to help you make your bet. Sure, just because a team has won seven matches in a row does not mean they are going to win this certain match. But, following the trends will help.
  3. Know who is at home and who is on the road – Home teams tend to do better than road teams in soccer. Let’s say you have two evenly matched teams, and you are having a tough time making a pick. Take into account the home team has the luxuries of being at home, while the road team has had to do all the traveling. It’s a good trend to follow.
  4. Use good bankroll management – Do not over bet, and bet just to bet. Find bets that you like a little bit, and a lot. Assign a certain amount of money to each type of bet and stay consistent. You do not want to make a super large bet and lose it all on one game.
  5. Follow injury report – Just like every sport, you want to make sure the bet players are on the field before you make the bet. Follow the injury report, and be sure to double check it before you make your final bet on the game.
  6. Understand the game of soccer – Understand the game of soccer. Understand the rules, understand the teams, the players and the coaches. If you do not know the game of soccer, you may be better served to not bet on it.
  7. Track the hot goaltenders and go with them – A goaltender that is red-hot is tough to beat. Sometimes you get goaltenders that carry a team on their back for game after game. Track this, and understand it is an important key to betting on soccer.
  8. Take the hype on “star power” – When two teams look the same, but one has a mega super star, and the other doesn’t – lean towards the super star. It’s not a fool proof method, but certainly one to keep in mind.
  9. Shop around for the best soccer odds – Get an account at several sportsbooks, and make sure you have money to use. You may find odds at one place, and then find it better at a different location. This amount of money you “saved” will add up overtime, and your bankroll will thank you later.
  10. Look for the best soccer bets – Look for the BEST SOCCER BETS and do not bet just to have action on the game. If you do not have a good idea about the match, skip it. No one says you have to bet every match!

Take a look at these, and keep them in mind the next time you are looking to make a soccer bet. Sure, there are a lot of factors that come to mind here, but these are all things that have worked in the past for sports bettors. When it comes down to it, you need to do your homework to be a successful bettor. Do not bet on the game if you do not enjoy, and if it is going to spoil your enjoyment for the game, just stay away from betting at all. Best of luck betting on Soccer!