Teaser Betting

While sports bettors like to focus on the more well-known betting options across sports in many situations, you’ll find that some of the more interesting and actually the best betting options on the board could come from the things that you often times overlook! While this includes things like parlays that have huge payouts, it will also include the sports bet that I consider to “fly under the radar” sometimes, which is the teaser betting option. Teaser bets are one of the most interesting options out there today, and I think that the reason why they often times are overlooked is because not a lot of people understand exactly how teasers work! Fortunately, that’s what we are here for, and we are going to take an in-depth look at teaser bets, and also give some tips and strategy behind making some money on them as well!

The general idea behind a teaser is that it gives you the option to move the point spread if you don’t like where it starts at. How awesome is that right? Well, the only down side of making a teaser bet is that while the point spread will move quite a bit, the odds do move with it as well! So for example, say that there is a team in the NFL who is favored by -8, but you really don’t want to give up more than a touchdown to the team that they are up against. This is where a teaser comes in, because you can move the line a full six points to make it -2 instead of the -8. So instead of needing the team to win by MORE than a touchdown, all you need is a field goal win and you’ve won your bet here. Teasers do work in a similar way to parlay’s though, as you can have as few teams as two, and as many as the sports betting site will allow you to have (typically up to 15 or so). The odds will vary quite a bit depending on how many teams you have in your teaser though!

Size of Teasers

Teasers are mainly done when betting on the NBA, and when betting on the NFL. There are three different options for teaser sizes in each sport as well. So for the NBA you’ll find that you have the option to do a 4, 4.5, or 5 point teaser (with certain exceptions on some online betting sites), and for the NFL you have the option to do a 6, 6.5, or 7 point teaser with a few exceptions on sites as well. As previously mentioned, the odds that come along with these teasers will really depend on which of the three that you decide to do, and also how many teams are involved in the teaser too.

Making Teaser Bets That Make Sense

What exactly does this mean you ask? Well, for starters, it means that you need to focus on making GOOD teaser bets. The best time to use a teaser is when you simply don’t like a line because you think a team won’t be able to win by that many points, or you think that if you tack on a teaser that a team WON’T be able to beat their opponent by that many. For example, if a team is +9 and you do a six point teaser to make them +15, this means that they would have to lose by more than two touchdowns in order for you to lose your bet. This is a great teaser bet, and these are the types of angles that you should look to take advantage of regardless of which sport you are doing a teaser on.

Don’t Add Too Many Teams

Another great bit of advice when it comes to teaser betting, is one that is very similar to a tip for parlay betting! This is that you should never get too crazy when creating your teaser bets, and never add too many teams. You should always stick with the bets that really stand out to you, and the ones that you feel you have a strong angle on. Any other bet should remain just a standard bet, because you have to remember that just like in parlay betting, if you end up losing one bet out of the group that are in the teaser, then you lose the entire bet!