Total Betting

Total betting is either the most fun, or most frustrating type of sports betting out there! Well, realistically it’s not all that frustrating if you take some time and do your research on the specific game that you are betting on, but the idea behind it is one that is fun in general, and can be a great way to make some money betting as well. When you are betting on a total of a game, you are doing exactly what it sounds like! There is a total number of points projected for the game, and your job is to bet on whether you think the total points in the game will be more or less than that number. This is often times called the “over/under” as well, and the odds on this bet will typically stay the same in almost all scenarios unless it is being bet one way and then you could see them move slightly in one direction or the other.

There is definitely some serious strategy and information to take into consideration before you place a totals bet, and a lot of it will depend on the specific sport that you are betting on. We are going to take a look at some of this information and also explain total betting a bit more in-depth in order to help everyone make some money down the road betting on the over/under’s of any sport!

Using Strategy By Different Sports

You’ll find pretty quickly that each sport will have a different type of strategy for total betting. Whether you are betting on a sport like baseball, football, or soccer that is played outdoors, or one like hockey or basketball that is indoors, there is definitely some different types of strategy. For example, if you are betting on the total in an NFL game, you should always check the weather to see what it looks like for the game (if in an outdoor stadium). If it is going to be rainy, windy, and pretty gross out, then you could take a look at betting the under as a potential strong betting option. On the other side of things, if you are betting an NBA game, you obviously cannot use the weather as a betting angle, so you need to focus on other things such as how well the two teams play defense, and how well teams have scored in recent games as well.

Don’t Ignore High Totals

This is just something that I’ve found in terms of total betting that many people seem to make mistakes on. If a team, or both teams, have high powered offense, and the total bet is very high representing this, don’t shy away from it just because of that reason. If the total bet on a specific NFL game is quite a bit higher than any other game, there’s probably a reason for it. Two teams with high powered offenses are likely to put on an offensive show, and it could result an easy over in many situations. Now, this obviously isn’t going to be the case every time, and you should definitely still research the situation to find the right betting angle, but this can be a great spot to start your research because you could have a great bet on your hands.


Whatever sport you are looking at betting on, there is always someone who is trying to keep one team from scoring of course. You should ALWAYS look at how the defenses have been doing recently, because if a defense has been struggling then it can be a good spot to start looking at angles to bet the over, but if a defense has been strong in recent games then it can be a good spot to look into betting on the under. Defenses and goalies alike will struggle at times, and at other times will simply be on their game. You need to do your best to be able to take advantage of these situations whenever they come up, so just make sure that you keep your eyes open for the betting angle here.

Total betting is excellent if you take the time to do the research, but also remember never to sell yourself on one bet TOO much. Always remember the standard money management to make sure that you aren’t over betting on a specific bet. Aside from that, just make sure not to overlook the total bet if you are used to betting on things like the point spread and money line!