Types of Research for Sports Betting

There are a ton of different ways that sports bettors get their information for the specific games that they are about to bet on. Some people simply go off of their own guts and instincts even, but it is important to know that there are not only quite a few ways to be able to get some excellent information on the games that you are about to bet on, but also how important it is to make sure that you are taking the time to actually do the research as well! One of the biggest mistakes that a sports bettor can make is to not do the full research needed on a game, and to place a bet without getting all of the information that they possibly can. Fortunately, the ways to find the different options for research are very easy, and we are going to list them below and look at them a bit more in-depth.

Records Against the Spread vs. Specific Team

This betting option will come up in the NBA more than anything normally, mainly because teams will match up against each other a few times each season. The general idea behind this research is that you need to find out how well a team has done against the specific team that they are matched up against the night, against the spread. So if the Golden State Warriors have played the Los Angeles Lakers three times this season, but are only 1-2 against the spread when playing them, this is a tough spot to bet on or against them. On the other side of things though, if you find a team who is 0-3 ATS when playing that specific team, it could be a good spot to get a solid bet down on that team. It all has to do with the stats, and obviously if you don’t have enough information (or it’s too early in the season), then you’ll need to focus your research on other things!

Records at Home/Away Against the Spread

This one is pretty big because teams can definitely be better at home compared to on the road, or even vice versa in some situations. This means that you could potentially have a great betting option if the team is on their home court if they have a good record against the spread at home, or even if they are simply bad against the spread on the road, either one can help make you some money! Finding this information can be pretty simple as it is on quite a few different websites, but it is definitely not something that should ever be overlooked. If you find a team is simply not very good on the road, then this can be a very good spot to start your research at. This not only works when betting on sports like the NFL and the NBA, but it can also help with straight money line bets in sports like Soccer, NHL, MLB, and many others as well.

Hot vs. Cold

This one is probably the most straight forward, and easiest sports betting angle to keep an eye out for. This of course, is watching whether a team has been on a tear lately and has reeled off some strong wins consistently, or if they have been in a major rut and are on a losing streak. Finding a team who is consistently getting blown out in baseball betting by more than three runs a night over the past few games typically shows that there is a serious issue there, and that you can take advantage of it while betting. On the other side of it though, if a soccer team is putting up consistent wins both home and away, and scoring quite a few goals, then betting on them in many situations can be excellent if the odds are there.

Research is so important that it can never be overlooked, and I can guarantee you that some of the most profitable sports bettors in the world are the ones who spend quite a bit of time each day finding the best bets on the board by doing research. Obviously using the internet is the best way to do it, but going to different betting websites that give tips and following big named sports bettors who give out advice is an excellent idea. You can also find that using sports betting message boards will help you out quite a bit and give you some great information each day too.

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